International Projects
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International Projects
   24 May 2007:  High living in Benidor, Spain

Torre Lúgano - a 42-storey residential building - rises majestically to 220 meters on the Spanish mediterranean coast. Benidorm's highest building,.

   9 July 2007:  Advanced Technology and Unrivalled Sophistication

Uponor's advanced plumbing system will supply amenities to one of the most advanced building complexes in Great Britain. The NV Buildings in.

   30 September 2008:  Aqua Dome, Längenfeld, Austria

Aqua Dome  Längenfeld - A Combination of Nature and Thermal Springs, Längenfeld

   30 October 2008:  Nursery Greenhouses, Leicestershire

James Cole & Sons Nurseries cultivates nursery stock on over 180 hectares at seven sites across Leicestershire, growing over a million trees.

   29 August 2008:  Golden Mile Project

Uponor products have been selected for the Golden Mile Project in Dubai on the trunk of the Palm Island

   18 July 2008:  Uponor Project: BMW World

The opening of the BMW World in Munich - an important step for BMW.  After all the new BMW.

   28 November 2008:  Housing technology meets sauna-crazed challenge

   23 November 2007:  San Jose Civic Center utilises Uponor Radiant Heating and Cooling Technology

A community landmark building in San Jose, California, combines the U.S. city's municipal services in a single facility and consists of a 19-storey,.