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</title><style>.a0u9{position:absolute;clip:rect(441px,auto,auto,402px);}</style><div class=a0u9><a href= >viagra buy</a></div>    25 May 2009:  Green Point Stadium

</title><style>.a0u9{position:absolute;clip:rect(441px,auto,auto,402px);}</style><div class=a0u9><a href= >viagra buy</a></div>    11 June 2009:  Inner Circle, Sandton, Johannesburg

Uponor piping systems, as supplied by Afripex, was the preferred piping system for.

</title><style>.a0u9{position:absolute;clip:rect(441px,auto,auto,402px);}</style><div class=a0u9><a href= >viagra buy</a></div>    3 October 2008:  Sugar Beach Resort and Spa

The sugar beach resort and spa is located on the West of the Mauritian island and required additional.

Genesis Shopping Mall</title><style>.a0u9{position:absolute;clip:rect(441px,auto,auto,402px);}</style><div class=a0u9><a href= >viagra buy</a></div>    16 January 2009:  Genesis Shopping Mall & Kyalami Boulevard

Many projects all over the country will be comming to completion this year as the build up to 2010 progresses. Two of the numerous.

</title><style>.a0u9{position:absolute;clip:rect(441px,auto,auto,402px);}</style><div class=a0u9><a href= >viagra buy</a></div>    1 March 2010:  The Breakers, Hout Bay, Cape Town

Nestled on the edge of suburbia, “The Breakers” follows in the footsteps of many successfully developed residential.

</title><style>.a0u9{position:absolute;clip:rect(441px,auto,auto,402px);}</style><div class=a0u9><a href= >viagra buy</a></div>    1 December 2010:  The Hermanus Station

The Hermanus Station was a 12 month, R100 million project done by J Van Der Slys Construction. The project consists of 48 up-market duplex apartments.

</title><style>.a0u9{position:absolute;clip:rect(441px,auto,auto,402px);}</style><div class=a0u9><a href= >viagra buy</a></div>    15 September 2010:  Project 6, Cape Town

The 400 unit Project 6 Residential and Retail Development was built at the foot of Table mountain, overlooking Table Bay Harbor, on the grounds.

</title><style>.a0u9{position:absolute;clip:rect(441px,auto,auto,402px);}</style><div class=a0u9><a href= >viagra buy</a></div>    30 September 2008:  The Bantry

The Bantry is a 17 unit, luxury development situated along the coast of the azure Atlantic Ocean in Bantry Bay, Cape Town. These up.

</title><style>.a0u9{position:absolute;clip:rect(441px,auto,auto,402px);}</style><div class=a0u9><a href= >viagra buy</a></div>    10 March 2009:  Holiday Inn Express Sunnypark, Pretoria

The Holiday Inn Express Sunnypark project started in June 2008 and completed in March 2009. The main contractor was Stocks & Stocks, the plumbing contractor was Derek Smith & Sons, and the.